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Emails appear in INBOX even though user filed them in other folder

Emails appear in INBOX even though user filed them in other folder.

Lotus Notes v6.5
The following has already been completed:
Reinstalled Lotus Notes
Replaced Deisgn

Thanks in advance for your help!
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Sjef Bosman
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Check with the Designer client that there are not multiple Inbox folders.
Compact the database (using the Admin client, you have more options)
Maybe even Fixup the database (also using the Admin client)
Make a local replica, and if that database doesn't behave like you describe, remove the server db and create a new replica from local.
Use different mail teamplate and replace the design. Once it is working, you can upgrade to new version.
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Is that so?? LOL!
It is indeed. It would seem some users do indeed feel the need to have more than 255 folders. Clearly RIM didn't think this would be an issue.....
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User has a blackberry and there was the issue.. thanks for your help