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Enstella Systems Advice

I would like to get some advice
I recently purchased some EDB to PST software from a company called Enstella Systems http://www.enstella.com/. One of our clients had a failed Exchange server and we could not do a restore. I did have a backup of the EDB file and was wanting a quicker way of recovering the emails and contacts than recreating a new exchange environment on a VM. I have had nothing but problems so far and am worried Im getting scammed. Their is not really any info on their site about who they are or where they are. After installing the software I was not able to extract anything from the file their software just crashed. So I emailed support and they emailed back asking me to send them the EDB file via ftp. (This EDB file has confidential info in it.) I was leery of sending the file to them and asked if they would help in a way that did not require me sending it in. I got back a broken english email that read like a nigeria prince offer. So after a back and forth with them I finally got them on the system via Team Viewer and we figured out that outlook needed to be installed (it says nothing on their site about that) So I installed outlook and the file opens up but after extracting then importing the pst all I get is the subject and the sender info. Nothing in the body of the message. They are basically saying that I need to send in the EDB file for recovery in their "Labs" but I have received no assurance that my files will be safe.

Any advice would be helpful
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Lofty Worm

Is the question "Should I trust these guys?"  Me....Absolutely not.  Any reputable vendor would not act that way.

For recovering your data?  I have always found it best to "do it right the first time"  saves more time then short cuts.  Looks like you have already wasted more time then you saved, cut your loses.

That enstella site quotes that they won several awards. I would verify that these awards they received are indeed valid. Go to each site that grants the award and do a search for enstella.
If they are on the list and really did win the award,  you are probably safe. If not, you are well quit of them.

To me, it sounds like they are indeed trying to help, but cannot because whatever is wrong is simply outside the scope of their automated tool. The fact that they have a valid FTP up and running speaks volumes about their preparedness.

Data recovery is a chancy thing at best.  There is no "guaranteed" way to recover data that has been corrupted. Some fixes require manipulation of the file structure itself. In damaged file structure instances, most tools will fail because they cannot determine the record ends and starts in the data.

I know its frustrating, but remember that you are frustrated at the situation, NOT the company willing to help you. It's best to keep disparaging comments private until you determine for sure that the company in question is a fraud. (then sing it from the rooftops if they are!)

Your post will remain here in perpetuity, for all to see. If Enstella is indeed a valid company, and they resolve your problem, how do you propose to reverse your comments? Thousands of people searching will find your first post....but not see the solution until they sign up.
If you put your company name in the place of Enstella, how would you feel about your post being on this site forever?

webwyzsystems: Thank you for your reply, I did take each of those items in to consideration prior to posting this on the site. I could not find any information about the "awards" they received in fact the sites they list as giving them awards dont even have their software available for download.

You are correct, it does sound like they are trying to help me out, that is not my concern its the way in which they compose their emails that worries me. They are very forceful and do not offer any assistance. They have not answered any of my questions the only thing I get back from them is "Please let us know when your file is uploaded"

I have tried asking for even the smallest amount of reassurance or proof that they are a real company and all they send back is "Currently our engineer's works on Exchange Database Recovery Software and makes much better software than other's software! When Our EDB to PST conversion software fully completed.. we will send you updated software soon.. And Enstella Systems offers life time Support backup with full services without any cost."

I am extremely open to working with them. The problem is they are not really willing to work with me.

I understand this will be available for the masses, that is kind of the point. I was not able to find any kind of info on this software wether it be positive or negative. That is why I posted this. I trust the combined knowledge of this forum and have always been extremely happy with the information I receive.

I plan on following thru with this issue as far as I can and replying back with any further information I receive on this company and their software
Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Impressive. bkarper has obviously demonstrated more than adequate due dilligence. I might be a little quick to jump on this particular bandwagon too. I contribute to several help boards...more than a few users have posted very disparaging remarks in complete and utter error. It's amusing to me, embarassing for the user, and a lingering issue for the company's online reputation.

But I am curious about something with this enstella software, because it sounds like it sort of worked.
But...did you install it BEFORE you installed outlook?
If so, you might need to uninstall the enstella software, then reinstall it. Then try your conversion again.
If Enstella had tried to use some part of outlook in it's recovery/conversion process...it would have failed. That would be consistent with the crashing part too.....


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At first we tried the free version on a VM and it would open the file and allow you to browse but as with other vendors you have to buy before it will actually export anything.

We installed their software on a clean fully up to date XP Pro machine with nothing else on it. Enstella was installed prior to outlook and I have not thought of uninstalling and reinstalling the software. I will try it and let you know.

Thanks for the help.

Wish I had seen this comment before purchasing.....  Estalla is also edbtopst - perfect data solutions.
1 - support is abysmal
2 - Just trying to understand what our expectations should be and their ability was impossible.
3 - Overall WAS very excited about product and it did mount the edb, read it, but the emails were sporadic in their completeness.

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