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sql case and count

Hi. I am writing a query to use in a matrix rpt. I have three ticket types Internal, External, Other and escalate codes 1,2,3. I would like to count the number of tickets but if there are none i would still like the type to display 0. How can this be done? I used an iif statement in the format but something is still not displaying.

                Code1   code3
internal     1           0
other        0           2

would like to see:
               code1   code2  code3
internal   1           0          0
external  0           0          0
other      0           0          2

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Bill Prew

Can you share your current query?

Also, would it be okay to add another table to accomplish this, or do you not have that option?  If not then a UNION will be needed with hard coded data...

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I dont have option to add another table, working from views. Below is my query.

SELECT     TT.Inc.Ticket,   TT.Inc.TicketType, TT.Inc.Escalate
                      CASE WHEN TT.Inc.TicketType = 'External' THEN 'External' WHEN TT.Inc.TicketType = 'Internal' THEN 'Internal'  WHEN TT.Inc.TicketType = 'Other' THEN ‘Other’
ELSE ' ' END AS TType,
                         CASE WHEN TT TT.Inc.Escalate= '1' THEN '1' WHEN TT.Inc Escalate
= '2' THEN '2' WHEN TT.Inc.Escalate = '3' THEN '3' ELSE ' ' END AS EscCode,
                      THEN '' ELSE COUNT(TT.Inc.Ticket) END AS numIncidents
FROM  TT.Inc      
WHERE     (TT.Inc.Open_Date >= CONVERT(BIGINT, DATEDIFF(S, '19700101', '20380119')) + CONVERT(BIGINT, DATEDIFF(S, '20380119',
                      CONVERT(CHAR(10), GETUTCDATE() - 1, 101) + '  08:00:00'))) AND (TT.Inc.Open_Date <= CONVERT(BIGINT, DATEDIFF(S,
                      '19700101', '20380119')) + CONVERT(BIGINT, DATEDIFF(S, '20380119', CONVERT(CHAR(10), GETUTCDATE(), 101) + ' 07:59:59')))
GROUP BY TT.Inc.Ticket, TT.Inc.TicketType, TT.Inc.Escalate
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Rajkumar Gs
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