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What's the best message level Exchange 2007 backup tool?

I currently have DPM running for my Exchange but I would like to implement a message level backup tool so that I can recover a single message if necessary.

I would need this tool to be able to backup to NAS drives - no need for tape please.
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Not sure if this will work to NAS (can't see why it won't) and it is a free solution: 
I would look at Symantec Backup Exec and Commvault. I have had luck with both.
I think that both mentioned options are mailbox level. I would also vote for Backup Exec but first one could be nice to try too.
Also from database level backup you can recover single mail, but it take a little more effort.
What you have is already more than enough you don't need to change anything IMO.

If you want the ability to retrieve one email without any effort you can have it at a "cheap" (??) price
I have to agree with Akhater ... This looks like a cheap slick solution.
$999 per server is hardly what I would call cheap!
It is compaired to Backup Exec and Comm Vault. Also it is $798 for the DPM version
can you not just use deleted item retention for this? depending on how much disk space you have, you could increase the time mail I held in the dumpster on the server after it has been deleted by user. it is sufficient for most recovery tasks if you set to a couple of months or so, and would be free.

just a thought,

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