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Replace Pattern in ASP VB

I have this string - it's a variable so it changes per product.

Coverlet Size : Twin (+$0) [SIL216], Sheets : No Sheets (+$0), Extra Sheets : Twin Graphite Fitted Sheet (+$277) [BEL811], Shams : Graphite Standard New Primrose Sham (+$134) [NPRI301], Accent Pillows : Graphite Silk Velvet Throw (18x18) Pillow (+$132) [SVMB734]

I want to hide the mfg info which is inside the brackets [ ]

I use asp vb and I know there is an easy way to do this. I've searched Google, but I can't find anything that would work for me?
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I can change the bracket to something else if it would make it easier to do? I just don't want to use () because they are used and I need them to stay.
Yes, I would definitely use something other than the bracket, if it's under your control.  Maybe the html brackets?  < >

Then your syntax would look something like this:

Set RegularExpressionObject = New RegExp

With RegularExpressionObject
.Pattern = "<[^>]+>"
.IgnoreCase = True
.Global = True
End With

strOutput = RegularExpressionObject.Replace(strOriginalString, "")
Set RegularExpressionObject = nothing
Your first solution worked perfectly so I elected to stay with the bracket - thank you! Awesome solution!