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WSS 3.0 general quick questions


We are looking at WSS 3.0 as a potential solution to post our internal documentation and make it searchable.

We have some quick question and hopefully someone could provide the anwsers:

1.) It's our understanding that the files that are being uploaded to WSS will be placed on the SQL backend. If so, how do we calculate the space/growth of the database? So for example if someone uploads a 1MB word document how big is this document going to be in the database?

2.) How do we manage backups? Since the uploaded files are part of a DB, how do we run backups so in case we want to restore a all the documents or just certain ones?

3.) For now we are just going to be 7 people working with WSS and we will not have more than 15G and we will not be over the 20GB. What are the limitations if we go with SQL Express?

4.) About Searching features - Can we run use WSS to search the documents that have been posted? How does the seardh work? It does search within the documents (.doc, xls, pdf's, etc...) for whatever "words" you have specfidied ( a search engine)?

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