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possible to import xml into acroform (not xfa)?

Hi folks,

I know you can import xml into a xfa form relatively easily; however, i am using a current pdf with acroforms that I am trying to import xml into. Unfortunately, nothing happens if I select the xml file. From what I understand, all xml tags must match, case and everything. The only thing I could see that would be causing the issue is the actual form name itself.

Thanks in advance
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Karl Heinz Kremer
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I have a mild experience in Javascript and actually I think you helped me with  my other question in acrobat, so I'm aware how to use the batch sequence tools, but would probably need assistance with the actual code please
Can you post a sample of your XML? Will all your user's have the full version of Acrobat?
Didn't post all of it, but here's a start.. since it's sensitive data, i made a lot of it "generic"

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" ?>
- <form1>
- <Professional-Report>
- <OR-Time>
Oh, and yes, sorry acrobat pro will be used throughout.
Can I assume that the tag <Professional-Report> contains the data that you want to add to the form, and that the tag names like Company-Name, FirstName, LastName, ... are your field names?
Yes correct
How is the OR-Time tag handled? Are there just two fields named Starting_Time and Closing_Time? If that's not the case, how are these fields named?

How familiar are you with XSLT?
Sorry, changing that tag to starting and closing only (removing) so or-time won't be used.

Sorry, not familiar with XSLT :(
xml migration is specific to xfa forms where as acrobat scripting (javascript) is used in acroforms