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Forward syslog from RedHAT Enterprise 3.5 and CentOS

Hi there.
How I can forward all syslog entries to a syslog server from RedHAT Enterprise 3.5 an CentOS?
What conf files should be changed?

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just this? On freebsd had to check many other things like host.conf, ecc

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If your syslog server is ready to accept messages from clients, you don't need anything else.
ok will test Asap
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syslog on the receiving server does need to be configured to listen, note the -r option in the syslog file.

# more /etc/sysconfig/syslog 
# Options to syslogd
# -m 0 disables 'MARK' messages.
# -r enables logging from remote machines
# -x disables DNS lookups on messages recieved with -r
# See syslogd(8) for more details
# Options to klogd
# -2 prints all kernel oops messages twice; once for klogd to decode, and
#    once for processing with 'ksymoops'
# -x disables all klogd processing of oops messages entirely
# See klogd(8) for more details
# set this to a umask value to use for all log files as in umask(1).
# By default, all permissions are removed for "group" and "other". 

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Hi. As syslog server i use a commercial solution thus want only to be sure that clients linux machine are configured proprely. thx for you help.
can you show me a how the files shoud be configured on the CEntos? What if this is a virtual machine on ESX server?