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Need help accessing all the files on a Windows CE 5.0 device from my computer, across the network.

I have about 100 Motorola MC9090 devices and they run Windows CE 5.0.  I would like to access them from my PC through an administrative share or something equivalent.  I want the ability to upload files to them across the network.
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look at Pocket Controller or RealVNC for WinMo. I understands you have WinCE and NOT WinMo, but it's worth looking if they have versions for it
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Those do look like they would work but they cost money.  I find it hard to believe that the only way to push a file to a Windows CE device it to buy a third party application.
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Trying to download the MyMobiler v1.25 now...  Either there are a bunch of bad links or the corporate proxy server is removing the links because of a possible virus.  I will let you know...

Hard to believe that you can't connect through regular Microsoft networking commands.
I've never seen this device.
Between us I do believe that you can connect to this device either Visual Studio Remote Tools.
In the worst case from the old eVC4:
first of all, if all your wince devices have static IP then you have a chance :). Pocket Controller is available for $35.95 (which isn't huge) and you can try it before purchasing.
Microsoft has ActiveSync and RAPI, but I'm not sure it is useful in your case.

otherwise you need something you can connect to, I believe you would agree with this statement. Motorolla (ex-Symbol) devices might have default ftp server, I don't remember exactly, but again, you'd need some IP to connect to.

perhaps the easiest solution would be to develop small client/server system where desktop broadcasts some UDP request and gets back all available targets around and then pushes the file to those IPs over TCP.
They don't have static IP addresses but they do have host names and once they register with the DHCP server I can get to them by name.  If it was a few guns I would say $35 isn't bad but I have a 100 and that's a huge chunk of cash.  Thanks for the idea though, that's is what I asked for.  I guess I am just shocked that this is not something that's not nativity supported in the O/S

I will have to give it to pgnatyuk though, that did work.  The Mexplorer that's included with Mymobiler does allow Win CE device directory browsing/editing by IP or Host name which was exactly what I wanted.  Its too bad though, the Mymobiler includes another application for remote desktop but fails miserably on the MC9090.  For that I guess I will stick to my Efonvnc v4.3 for remote desktop.

BTW, I couldn't seem to get anywhere with the Visual Studio Remote Tools, the whole eMbedded Visual C++ 4.0 seemed to be a compiler for CE applications and was a bit over my head.
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you have remote tools in any vs installation (Standard edition onwards)

re. Pocket Controller - as far as I know you pay per desktop license, not per device, but anyway you've made your choice :)