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Associating WinZip or 7Zip with dropdown menu

Hi all,

I just started using Windows 7 and I'm trying to configure it the same way as I had my old system. One of the things that isn't working is:

I re-installed WinZip (Version 9) and 7Zip. Both these utilities would show up when I right clicked on a file. They would have a sub-menu as well. If I clicked on a zipped file, one of the sub-menu options would be extract all to here.

These options are no longer showing up.

How do I make that happen.

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Mohamed ElManakhly
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Dear enatar

*Open WinRAR from the start menu entry. If you can’t see WinRAR entry in the start menu, go to C:\Program Files\WinRAR (where “C” is your OS drive), and double-click  WinRAR.exe to open WinRAR.

*Switch to “Options” tab and then, open “Settings” option.

*Once again switch to “Integration” tab in the new window.

*Check the option named “Integrate WinRAR into shell” and click ok.

Now you should see the WinRAR entry.
oh sorry i thought it was winrar , i had the same problem with it :) .. but i guess you will fid the same option in 7zip or winzip.
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I'm trying but it's not happening.  the 7zip that runs is an executable (.exe) file. There's no place to set the options. Any other suggestions. Anything you can do in Windows 7 to help this?
when it opens the EXE .. doesn't it show an icon on the taskbar where you can gain access to options from , or even from the start menu .. there has to be a place to configure it from.
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Thats the one :)
Done! Appreciated. Very much.