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How do I stop a really annoying pop up about junk mail in Outlook?

I have had the same problem in Outlook 2007, and have it now in Outlook 2010 Beta:

It is however getting worse - every minute, in Outlook I get a pop up message saying:

"Cannot add to the server Junk Email Lists, you are over the size allowed on the server. The Junk Email Filter on the server will be disabled until your Junk Email Lists have been reduced to the size allowed on the server.

Would you like to manage your Junk Email Lists now?"

I have cleared all the junk mail lists, but this has not helped.

I use MS Exchange Server 2007, and I think the issue is connected with that,but I have no idea how to resolve it.
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try clearing the public free busy ... and also try to increase the size of your inbox ont he server just to see if that makes it stop. For testing purposes only, i know that it is empty, your junk folder, but just try it.
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Hi ggefter

Thanks for the prompt response.

What does "public free busy" mean, and how do I do that?

Also, my inbox size with Exchange  is fixed at 2GB (which I am almost fully at)...I am pretty sure I cannot increase it.


are you an admin? Do you have the ability to make changes to your exchange mailbox, serverside?

To use switches, at the Start menu, Run command type:

Outlook /switch

Occasionally you'll need to use the full path to Outlook, so the command line looks like:

"C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office11\Outlook.exe " /switch

the switch is    /cleanfreebusy

Clears and regenerates free/busy information. This switch can only be used when you are able to connect to your Microsoft Exchange server.
Hi again.

What sort of changes to the exchnage server are you referring to?

I have a hosted server solution from a company, and they limit the size to 2GB.
anyone there?
increasing the size of your mailbox ... until there is sufficient space in your mailbox, you will continue to get prompts
try exporting the contents of yourmailbox into a .pst to free up space if you cant just increase it on the server. Once your back under the warning limit, you should stop getting pop ups
Hi ggefter
Thanks for your help, however, I think that although this is possibly related to the mailbox size, because it specifically refers to the junk mail lists, I think it is a separate issue (I do get warnings about my mailbox being full, and yes, in those cases I do create an archive .pst file).

Any advice about this specific issue?
can anyone help?

Is the user in cache mode?  Do you get the same error if you switch them?
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kjanicke beat me to it in identifying the combined limit.  I had a customer getting this same message all the time even after I flushed out the list.   What I found was that they had also checked the box automatically to trust their contacts and they had over 6000 shared contacts.  If you are also using that option you may need to uncheck it.

I would advise using a third party spam filtering service such as MXLogic or Postini.  
Do you use a popup blocker?
Perhaps of help
jcimarron, the pop up in question is not from a browser, it is from Outlook.  
markdmac--Did you look at the link?
Those are not pop-ups you are getting.  They are error/warning messages from Outlook.
jcimarron, I'm not following your point on why you are pointing me to a link for information I already know and confirmed several posts back.  My post to you was in response to your question about a POP Up Blocker which would have no effect on Outlook error messages.
markdmac--Sorry.  I see no earlier reference to your or amynewbie having tried