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sonicwall fortigate - tunnel up but not passing traffic

has nyaobne ever done a site-to-site vpn between a sonicwall and a fortigate. i am showing the tunnel is up but it is not passing any traffic. using the sonicwall diag i cannot ping the other gateway. i have a rule in place on the fortigate saying wan > internal pass al ltraffic but still nothing...

any help guys ?

thanks !
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I just built a tunnel yesterday between my site (sonicwall nsa 2400) and a remote site (fortigate 200).  I've found in the past that if you make the PSK too complex they sonicwall doesnt like it.  So I keep them less than 16 char.  Also verify all your PHASE1 and PHASE2 settings as well as allowed hosts/networks on each side.  If your allowed hosts do not match then your PHASE 2 will fail.

What are your logs saying?
Also, you wont be able to ping the remote private gateway, try pinging a valid host on the remote LAN (printer or whatever).  If your tunnel is up disreguard what I was saying about PHASE 2 your through that.

Try pinging a host on the remote LAN from each side that match your fw rules and VPN policy.
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