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How do I replace a failed drive in Windows 2003 Server Raid 1

What are the steps for replacing a failed drive in Windows 2003 Server using Raid 1.
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Identify the failed drive.  Break the mirror.   Shut the system down.  Remove the failed drive.  Replace with same size drive.  Reboot.

When in windows, init the new drive, then add it back to mirroring.   Let Windows rebuild the array before you start heavily using the system.

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That entirely depends on your hardware.  Are your drives hot-swappable?  Your vendor will have hardware specific recommendations on the replacement.  Is your RAID controller hardware or software?  Really, more info is needed before we can help you here.  An exact make and model of your server would be a good place to start.
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The server is HP-Proliant DL380.
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I have replaced the bad drive but the red light is still on.  Does the red light stay on until the rebuild is complete?  Also, I don't see any activity on the new drive.  Is this normal?
Option 1: Take the server offline (power down).  Go into the RAID controller when you reboot (during POST).  Look that the status of your RAID.
Option 2: Use the Server management software that shipped with your HP system to view the status of the RAID (I don't have an HP server, so I cannot give you step by step directions on this).
I will repeat that I said in an earlier post.  If you have RAID problems and are not familiar and confortable with researching and repairing them, I strongly suggest you contact the Vendor (HP) for further support.