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Exchange 2010 Installation - Lost, Stuck & Confused -

We're a small company that have 25-30 users, I'm in the process of rebuilding our servers and have questions since lots has changed from Exchange 2003 running off SBS 2003.

The 4 new servers are Windows 2008 server in which #1 is designated for Exchange 2010, DNS, AD;   I have a second one running secondary DNS and replication AD. I don't want to overload the #2 machine because it's our main file server.

I've successfully completed the installation of Exchange 2010 and I'm at the "Exchange 2010 post installation tasks"  working on the "Finalize Deployment Task" list. Here is where things are confusing and stuck:

By reading the High Availability and Site Resilience and Client Access Security it sounds like I'm needing to have at least 2 exchange servers running to complete the final deployment?

Since we're a small company, Is there a way to install the Mailbox, Client Access and hub transport roles all on the same server?

How about running VMware either on the same server or on another to accomplish this?

Any help and recommendations would be greatly appreciated.

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I chose Typical Server Exchange Installation (see picture). can I go back to see what was installed exactly? I

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If you click on one of these sections under Server Configuration and you get "Your Exchange org has no servers with ROLE server roler installed."   Then you know you missing...but since you said you chose typical I believe you have CAS, HUB, and MBX installed.
True, though if he's got 25-30 users, it might be cheaper to virtualize and vmotion with high availability to be able to move around all the servers and provide a fault tolerant and dr friendly environment.

I was thinking small company, single server, single license of exchange, that could handle a reboot of their server if it crashed rather than paying microsoft for a clustering ha solution.
I shows that I have:  Mailbox, Hub, Client Access all three of them show the server name in the middle box as you described. Under the same Server Configuration is does show Unified Messaging, but if I select it in the middle window states: "your exchange organization has no servers with Unified messaging  role installed."

I'm glad you mentioned that the "Finalize Deployment Task" is only informational; that was what threw me off the most.

I wouldn't mind to run HA but I just don't have the hardware to run an additional exchange server.
True this would require 2008 Enterprise, but virtualizing a Exchange and having something like VMmotion or livestate will still not give you true HA.    If the MBX database corrupts you are still out of luck.   You need a DAG to ensure HA.
Exchange 2010 DAG (HA) setup can be Exchange 2010 Standard but has to run on Server 2008 Enterprise which can be pricey.
Well I guess i'll just have to rely on my Acronis backups in the event of disaster; since this is 2008 standard server. Okie dokie... moving forward... I'll move forward to CAS and HT.

Is there a way to import my settings from my old exchange 2003?
Yea, I agree, overkilling the budget...

I brought up the vmware though because I just did a vmware exchange webinar today and it seemed to indicate, vmware while not perfect for HA, is certainly a cheaper way to add some robustness to your environment, and if you're doing snap shots via a netapp box then HA on the exchange side may not even matter too much.  Pretty killer ideas for small companies that need a fast way to dr.

What settings are you looking to import?  A lot of stuff is kept in AD.
Since I'm rebuilding the AD, I guess I can run exmerge on the 2003  and slap them on the new box.
Ya, the good thing is that you'll have a clean configuration in AD and you won't have any 2003 issues following you around then.  Exmerging the users mailboxes would be fine, only thing you may want to do is to request that they reduce their mailbox size to something managable.
Yep, I agree.

Well you both have been great!! going to split the credit between you two.

Thanks so much..  I
Thank you both!!