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Motherboard Drivers

Hi There

I have a motherboard which says MSI on it and the model is 7255 VER 2.1. I am having trouble loaction Drivers for it.

Also, The pc has a MSI NX7300GX Graphics card installed which I am having trouble locating drivers for as well.

Any Ideas?

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You sure there isnt any more witing on the board? What Kind of chip does it use? ie. AMD Intel, do you know what socket?
Is it this board?

P4M890M series (s775, DDR2, Via chipset w graphics/audio/firewire/LAN)

You can find the latest drivers on the via website for the individual components:

or go to the MSI website and try to look up the model from there:

I would go to the MSI site first.
PS: the individual VIA chipset models are listed out in the first link
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ASKER luck here...

This is what I have from the Motherboard :-

MSI...MS-7255 VER 2.1. VIA 8237A

and the pci graphics card is a nx7300gs.

is there a utility that I can use to find out the exact motherboard type?
The chipset actually matches the one listed on the board in the advertisement (VT8237A).  Is the motherboard socket 775 for Intel chips?  Does it look like the picture on the webpage?  (red board, green ram slots, yellow ide).  If so, the model may be an MSI P4M890 (there are some variations).  You can find info and drivers for that model on the MSI website at:

(click on the driver tab)

Similarly, your graphics card may be one of the 7300gs series cards listed near the bottom of:

Note that you *could* resort to generic drivers from the VIA and GeForce/Nvidia websites if you knew your individual chipsets ...

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you can also go to MSI's website->downloads and run a utility that will telll you what motherboard you have
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searched high and low with no solution. Had to hunt for original cd at client site