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Dell Powervault 220s to poweredge 2950 how do we connect?

220S Powervault. 15X300gb SCSI drives 10K

We attached this to an external adaptec 39160 non raid scsi card. Installed Dell Open Manage and we can see the drives, but there are not raid-able. We were hoping we would be able to configure the internal perc controllers in the 220S to create the RAID. No, not possible.

So I assume we need a RAID card installed in the server. What card do I need? ALL searches for perc6 or perc5 external returns SAS cards only. I need an external scsi port card that is pci-x. In the old(er) days we have PE servers that had external scsi built on the mobo. We simply connected a Powervault or a tape drive to this connector.

So does anyone know what card to add to get HW raid for the server? OR does anyone know of a better way???

end result: use 220S all 15 drives in a RAID5 such that it is presented to the OS as a single drive.

We know we can configure them as a Windows SW stripe. What we are looking for is a HW card based RAID.
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I can use pci-express, but pci-x would be easier. I found this card....I think its the same but in a pci-x flavor.

Dell PERC 4 Dual-Channel, RAID Controller, PCI-X, U320 SCSI
•Manufacturer: Dell
•Part Number: 0D9205 / D9205
•OEM Part Number: n/a
•Product Type: Controller Card
•Interface: SCSI / U320

I found online they even have 2008 drivers for the perc4E. I plan to use it on 2008 exchange and 2003srv. Thoughts?
That will work .. same card as the one i listed but PCI-X