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Repeat Group Header on next page with no records

Hi all-

I have a report, with a group A header, details, group A footer and a report footer (which I'll cover further down)

I want the header to repeat on each page.  I have clicked the "repeat header on each page" option already.

If I have just enough details to push the group A footer to the second page, the header will not show up (and I want it to).  If there are enough details so that there is a detail line on the second page, it works as expected and is displayed.

I could put the group A header into the page header, but then there is a problem with the report footer.

My report footer is basically a terms and conditions which takes up the entire last page, with "new page before" checked.  If I have a page header at all, it pushes the report footer to a second page.  I tried putting in the page header suppression formula: IIF(PageNumber = TotalPageCount, true, false) - but it seems at runtime it puts the page header on, then checks to see if it should suppress, which still makes the report footer 2 pages.

Hope this makes sense, and any input is appreciated!
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Mike McCracken

Sorry.  In Crystal's view the group is over so there is no need for the group header.

This has been asked several times here.  I'll try to find one of the questions to see if they had a method.

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This worked great, although I had to invert the true/false variables!  Thanks!
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I moved the group A header to the page header, and then the suppression formula worked excellent (after inverting the true/false that was proposed in the solution) to keep the report footer to one page.
Glad if I could help.