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New private line setup from a colo - wiring and routing?

I'm in the planning stages of both moving to a new data T1 provider, and also connecting our web server (hosted at a nearby colo facility) to our office via a private line from this same provider.  

I've never been through the private line part of the process, and have a few basic questions.  First, would I need to speak with the colo facility about this, and have them coordinate with the service provider?  Does the provider basically just need access to the meet me room in order to install on the colo end, and if so, what exactly is installed or configured?

On the office end, I know the provider will need access to our building's demarc.  Again, what will they install/configure there?  Will the interface be one that a rj45 cable will plug into?  (We currently have a shield T1 cable running from the demarc to our office to provide our data T1 connection with our current, soon-to-be-dropped provider, but I'm unsure how the cable is terminated at the demarc end).  

So I'm guessing we will need to install another shielded T1 cable from the demarc - office to bring up this new private line.  Since we will also be setting up a new data T1 for general office internet connectivity, I'm wondering if we will then need *two* new shielded T1 cables from demarc - office.  Or, does a T1 only use some of the pairs, meaning we could use one cable for both the private line and the T1?  

Thanks in advance.
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Don Johnston

8/22/2022 - Mon
Don Johnston

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Thanks Don.

I had one last question listed above - does a T1 only use some of the pairs, meaning we could use one cable for both the private line and the T1?  (Aka, would the T1 just use two pairs?)
Don Johnston

It's a 4-wire service. I

Personally, I wouldn't even think about carrying two T1's in a single cable.

But that's me.

Would that be due to potential interference?
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