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Metaclass to create custom object in Python


I'd like to create a class that has two dictionaries, each name for one of the arguments passed to __init__(). For example:

a = new Foo(school,children) and a.children would be empty dictionaries.

Is that easy enough to do?
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is there something in school and children ?

otherwise a = Foo(school,children) will not work ! (and yes, there's no [new] operator in python to instanciate object !

You will have to call it like this :
a = Foo ("school","children")

See snippet to an example, but it's ugly. You should consider using dictionnaries !

class Meta:
    def __init__(self,a,b):
        exec "self.%s=-1"%(a)
        exec "self.%s=1"%(b)

a = Meta("x","y")

print "a.x = ",a.x
print "a.y = ",a.y

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Hi cho7,

The object is supposed to have two dictionaries in it.

That's the whole point :-)
It's the same thing, just replace -1 by {} (see snippet)

When I'm saying "consider using dictionnaries", it's because what you want to do is not very python-like

see snippet too :)

class Meta:
    def __init__(self,a,b):
        exec "self.%s={}"%(a)
        exec "self.%s={}"%(b)

a = Meta("x","y")

print "a.x = ",a.x
print "a.y = ",a.y

#What I think you should do : 
class MetaMadeInPython:
    def __init__(self,a,b):
        self._data = {}
        self._data[a] = {}
        self._data[b] = {}

    def __getitem__(self,index):
        return self._data[index]

b = MetaMadeInPython("x","y")

print "b.x = ", b["x"]
print "b.y = ", b["y"]

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This does exactly what I want :)