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Post Backup Script to reset keys to Normal mode

I've just been onto Symatec's support about our Enterprise Vault. When trying to store or restore e-mails from vault they just hang there and do nothing.
I did a scan of the EV server and sent it to support and they came back with this:

"Hi Edd,
 From the Deployment scanner i can see that the server is set to read-only backup mode still.
   Registry Settings    
  Registry Key   Value  
  EnableArchive     *** READ ONLY ***  
  EnableExpire     *** READ ONLY ***  
  EnableReplayIndex     *** READ ONLY ***  
  EnableRestore     *** READ ONLY ***  
  EnableFileWatch     *** READ ONLY ***  
  EnableCrawler     *** READ ONLY ***  
  EnablePSTMigrations     *** READ ONLY ***  
 If the backup has completed then please reset the keys to normal mode using the Post backup script if you have one otherwise update each of the keys."

Problem is I have no idea how to setup these scripts, and the suppot guy isnt being very supportive from this point!
Could anyone give me some idea of what to do?

We use Backup Exec so will need to add post scripts to that.

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By the way,

If you want to make is easy, Backup Exec has  an EV Backup Exec Agent.
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Hi Paul, thanks for the info. We are using EV 8.0.3 and Backup Exec 12.5.

Have found that recently our backups arnt completly due to size of database and time taken. So I'm guessing this may be why they're not getting reset.

So if we can reset them manually that would be great.


If you want to reset manually you can create the batch fas listed above and run it or go directly to the reg keys and change them to 0000001
yup just doing that now. you've been a big help thanks.

Brilliant work around thankyou. I just need to sort out my own backup issues now.
If you're using EV 8 it's a lot easier, you can set  backup mode directly from the Admin Console
Just a thought:

You can close a Vault store partition and open a new one.  This will allow you backup the old one and as long as you have the old vault store partition arvhived to tape you can now take it out of your backup since it will be read only after you close it.