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How to keep application session and store data in sqlite in iphone app?

There are 4 buttons that let user to click. When he clicks one of the buttons, I want to save the button id or value in application session until he closes the app.

How can I do it?

Secondly, how can I insert, update, delete, select data in sqlite in iphone app?

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I think you need to split the question for two. There is no any relation between them
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I think I do not need to use sqlite. How can I keep the value in a multi dimension arrays?

If you just need it for the life of the application (not after exit/relaunch), just use an app delegate variable.  Otherwise, create a core data entity and persist/retrieve the objects as necessary.  Here's a tutorial:

Multi dimension arrays can be solved with related entities.  For example, a widget group has widgets, and each widget has components.  You'd model a WidgetGroup, a Widget, and a WidgetComponent entity, and model the relationships accordingly (setting the multiplicity to one-to-many, or even many-to-many).
Dear Sir

I read

but still not understand how to assign a UIButton value to a delegate variable.

I do not need core data entity.

I just want to create a global variable and can get it across ViewController.m

Do you know any online tutorial in youtube or somewhere else?
Thanks for your great help.