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What is the most important routing protocol to know for each environment: small, medium, and large businesses, and ISPs?

What is the most important routing protocols to know for each of these environments: small business, medium business, corporate business, and ISPs?

I understand that each environment probably uses different protocols and I'd like to know which are most commonly used in each, assuming that they are not outdated environments.

I'm guessing it gets more vague as you move up the ladder, but I'm curious to know what people have seen out there in the business world anyway.

(BTW, I'm a newb. If it isn't already obvious :)
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Justin Ellenbecker
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RIP 2 is nice for smaller environments
EIGRP as you go bigger or even OSPF
and BGP is used a lot at the ISP level.

But it is still 100% determined on your needs.
Some places still use IS-IS but that from my experience is getting used less and less.
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Thanks for the detailed explanation.