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Sonicwall NSA Duel WAN


I have a Sonicwall NSA 2400 with duel Wan capabilities.

My issue is that the IP from my ISP are in the same subnet range and the firewall keeps giving me: Subnet on this interface overlaps with another interface

Interface Setting x1 - Subnet:
Interface Setting x2 - Subnet

I called my ISP and they cannot give me any other IP in a diffrent subnet range.

Is there any other way I could fix this, or a way around it?

I started this other question that is refuring to the same question I have.

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looks like the subnet mask is wrong.... is that what the ISP gave you?
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yes. and it's what DHCP's when i hook up a computer.
This is a limitation of the Sonicwall..
You can not have 2 ISP connection with the same Gateway. It causes errors. .The sonicwall has a routing table and will not know which interface to route your traffic..

The best practice: you are supposed to have Two ISP connections from Two different company. Because in your scinearo, if your ISP goes down, most likely both will go down at the same time.
You should have mixed technologies like: 1-ADSL, 2-Cable Modem.. etc..

If you really want it setup that way, see if your ISP can assign you a Static IP.  Have connection#1 Static IP, Connection#2 DHCP.. Most likely they will be on separate subnet and it will work fine.
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Thanks, Worked!