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rundll32.exe clearmytracksbyprocess Error Message

I am getting the following error when trying to open IE8 (WindowsXP, Acer Netbook)
"Rundll > An exception occured while trying to run " C\Windows\system32\inetcpl.cpl, ClearMyTracksByProcess 8651"
Then the system slows/freezes.  Also McAfee Virus Scan does not respond.
I did reference:
Spefically I try and do this:
"mikesg:Have the same problem on this machine.
Open internet options and take the check mark out of "delete browsing history on exit"  
You will notice that the rundll32.exe isn't using but 1 or 0 CPU usage, but it is using a massive amount of ram.
Also notice that when you open iexplore.exe, automatically there will be TWO instances of it.  This is because of the "Delete Browsing History" dialog is trying to open.  Just like when you open "internet options" from the toolbar, you'll see a rundll32.exe as well as a separate iexplore.exe
Unfortunately, the problem lies within IE8, for the most part.  ..."
However, when I try and disable " "Delete Browsing History"   I still get the message:
"An exception occured while trying to run " C\Windows\system32\Shell32.dll "C\Windows\SYsystem32\inetcpl.cpl, ClearMyTracksByProcess 8651" Interenet options"
When I reboot, on startup, I get these messages
"iffxsrv Module has encountered a problem and needs to close"...
Please tell Microsoft about this problem ..."Send Error Report" - "Don't Send"
"McAfee SystemGuards Service has encounterd a problem>"
>>Your computer is not fully protected.

Thx, appreciate any help!

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Ravi Agrawal
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Uninstall MCafee & see if it is the culprit.

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Hi Ravi,
Thx. I am currently trying to uninstall McAfee and the system keeps freezing.  I suspect it is the culprit.  
I also get a message from McAfee "Your computer is not fully protected" yet it was updated 2 days ago.  I also believe the issue occured around the time of the last update.

If not I will try your first suggestion with the DLL files - I must type it manually as it is on a NetBook, with only a hard-drive.
Thx for yoour help.
Just copy paste the commands to a text file. Rename with .bat extension. Double click to execute. Why type in all that junk.

I understand but I can't get the file on to the NetBook ;-(  I am accessing the internet from a different pc.  Also the uninstall does not seem to be possible if when I launch from uninstall.exe

Also tried uninstallin McAfee in safe mode but it is still not possible to uninstall (I run unistall.exe)

Mcafee should have have an uninstall option in its start menu >> programs >> mcafee folder

Try using Revo uninstaller--

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Hi grtrders.  Under the McAfee folder I only have McAfee Security Centre.  I click and the system freezes.  Also, the NetBook does not currently have access to the internet due to the above IE error message. I will try johnb6767's suggestion.
Thanks for your help.
Sure, john's suggestion is worth more consideration.

To put it humbly further, I myself am always learning more from him. Pay special attention to what he posts.

I do appreciate all your help.  I can not downlaod john6767's uninstall file as the netbook can not access the internet.  However I did find something under program files>McAfee.MSC.mcunist.exe (descrption - Uninstaller application).  Unfortunately I only get a partial dialogue box from McAfee that has a header McAfee Secuity Center - and nothing else.


Doesn't having a connection to the internet doesn't mean you can't transfer the files.

You can use a working PC to download files to a USB key (or pen drive) and plug it in the Netbook to transfer the files.

I wanted to mention this earlier with the batch file creation but just did not hoping you did not want to do it.

I am sure you are aware of this,

Now don't tell me your netbook doesn't have usb ports.

Excellent point, USB key definitely a file transfer option.Will try the bat file later today!
Thx for your assistance and advice:-)
Hi Ravi/johnb6767,
Using a UBS key I managed to:
(1.) Transfer the xxxxx.bat and execute it..
(2)Transfer and uninstall McAfee using MCPR.exe

(3)Above were successful except got this error message:
"WMI has encountered a problem and needs to close"
Tried the following to remove the message but did not work:
1.)      Click Start, and then right-click My Computer.
2.) On the shortcut menu, click Manage.
3.) In the left pane of the Computer Management console, double-click Services and
4.) Under Services and Applications, click Services.
5.) In the right pane of the Computer Management console, locate and then right-click
Windows Management Instrumentation.
6.) On the shortcut menu, click Stop.
7.) Start Windows Explorer, and then locate the %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository
folder. ( you can also simply do a search )
8.) Delete all of the files in the %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository folder.
9.) Restart the computer.
The files that were deleted are re-created when the computer restarts.

(4.) Installed Firefox 3.6 and will use this instead of IE
Thanks alot folks - will assign you both the points!

see this article to remove any lurking entries presen in WMI regarding mcafee.

Are you not able to use IE still?

Thx Ravi.  Will take a look later.  Currently I am not using IE (and may uninstall), I installed FF.  Also I have now installed the anti-virus Trend Micro.