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Excel sheet from XP machine won't print on W7

All my excel sheets that were created on my XP machine produce a "Your file could not be printed due to an error on HP Officejet 6000 E609a Series" error.  When I copy the contents of these sheets to a newly opened sheet on the W7 machine, the new sheet will print without this error.  The error message goes on to suggest a shortage of memory (not true), an unplugged printer (not true, a test page prints fine), or loose cables, etc.  This is a local printer - attached to a USB port on the W7 PC.

I've uninstalled the printer, downloaded the latest HP drivers, and reinstalled the printer using the new drivers.  Same problem.

These same sheets do not get this error when I print to a network printer.

I'd like to avoid recreating (through copy/paste) all of my XP created sheets.


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Have you tried opening them and simply saving them to a .xlsx file?
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I've saved them (some are .xlsx files, one important one is an .xlsm file) locally on the W7 machine.  When I open these saved copies I get the same error.
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Great, I'm glad you found a way :)