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Stop close window prompt in IE8

We are rolling out a customized version of IE 8 in our environment. We have an app that spawns a window that then fires up another window wherein the app actually runs. In IE6 this first window just closes when it's done.  In IE8 we always get a prompt asking if we want to close it.  I'd like to have this window function the same as it does in IE6.  I can not find a way, using the IE8 customization wizard to set something that will force the window to just close.  Any thoughts?  I do NOT want to use some script, I want to be able to program it in using the customization wizard.

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try to minimal security and see if it works

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I actually have the settings for that zone set incredibly low already, but took away even more security settings and I still get the issue.  Window that should close automatically prompts me that it wants to close and I have the option to do it or not.
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