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asked on How do you use textbox.text as string variable in another class?

Experts, this should be an easy one...I have a textbox on a form and need help figuring out how to use its  .text value in another form's code page (is that a class?).  For example there's a form with the textbox "NameTB" therefore the user input value would be captured in the Me.NameTB.text for that form.  However I need to use the value from Me.NameTB.text in code associated with another form (a separate class) do you do that?  I thought I could just do this: (but I got an error saying textbox cannot be converted to string)

Public NameTBtwo as string
NameTBtwo = Me.NameTB.text

...then use the "NameTBtwo" variable in the code associated with another form, but it doesn't work.

Any help is greatly appreciated...thank you!!!!!!!
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here is a working sample
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Thank you very much!
you are welcome :)