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SCCM Adobe Air Uninstall

I have Adobe Air installed on almost every PC in the organizationand I want to uninstall it.
I have successfully uninstalled software in the past, by getting the uninstall string for the title in question, and using a syntax like MsiExec.exe /X{D689B418-235A-4290-A0A5-A75E490E0351} /QN
I put that string a batch file, which I deploy and execute on the PC successfully uninstalling the software.

For Adobe Air, I found that the uninstall string is:
c:\Program Files\Common Files\Adobe AIR\Versions\1.0\Resources\Adobe AIR Updater.exe -arp:uninstall

I understand how executing that file locally would uninstall the software, but how can I uninstall it using SCCM and do so silently(user sees nothing).

How do I do this?
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The new string you found was the trick.  Thanks