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Need a low budget solution for Live Streaming

I am looking for a low budget solution for live streaming. We are currently using Streamhoster but are not happy with their product.

We would like to find a vendor that meets as many of the following features as possible:

1.) Embed a nice looking viewer on our website so our audience stays on our site
2.) No contracts
3.) Pay for what you use
4.) Don't have to pay for things we won't be using (i.e., Storage space for on-demand)
5.) Easy to understand setup and configuration
6.) A known solution provider (you have experience with them)
7.) You can point us to websites that use this service

We are moving all of our on-demand videos to Amazon S3 for the economy of unlimited storage at very reasonable rates.

Now we just need to find a reasonable solution for our live streaming.


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Do their ads get annoying? What about quality? Do you have a URL to you site using it on that you could share with me?


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Hi Frank,

Yes, of course the ads to get annoying, but if you want something for free, that's what you get.

Here is one of my URLs:

This is saved footage from a live broadcast.  I used the WiFi that was available in the banquet room, which was very slow, and it automatically cut me off every 30 minutes to make me re-sign in.  So, the quality is not that great, but it did the job for a cost the client was happy with.

Thanks, trick6612
For others reading this, I also found these resources helpful: (host your own Wowza Media Server on Amazon EC2) (a good alternative to hosting Wowza on Amazon EC2) (good low cost plans, no contracts)

I spent countless hours researching this issue so I hope this helps someone else.

Frank Griffin