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Can't Get HP Photosmart 7350 Printer to Work on MacBook

I have an HP Photosmart 7350 Printer that works fine w/ my Windows XP laptop. I also need it to work w/ my MacBook running Snow Leopard.

Downloaded HP Photosmart Installer (version 8.3) from the HP website and installed it. But when I try to print, nothing happens on the printer side. The print job goes into the queue but then just sits there.

If I go into System Preferences, the printer is listed there. Next to the "Kind:" field it says "HP Photosmart 7350 - Gutenprint v5.2.3"

If I click on the printer queue icon on the Dock, it brings up the queue and lists the document being printed. It says "Waiting for printer to become available."
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How is the printer connected to your Mac?
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USB cable.

BTW, I know there is communication b/t the printer & the MacBook b/c it prints just fine from virtualized Windows XP (running in VMWare Fusion).
Make sure VMWare is not running. It may be hogging the USB port.
I don't think VMWare is the cause of the problem. I just closed it and tried printing again.

Computer appears to be getting ready to print, but then gets stuck w/ a message, "Waiting for printer to become available..."

Printer just sits there. No blinking lights or anything.

I suspect a printer driver issue, but not sure.
I powered off the printer before unplugging the USB cable and got the message:
"HP Communications
The printer photosmart 7350 is not responding. If problems persist, briefly unplug the printer."

So that seems to indicate that there is some communication going on b/t the laptop & the printer.
See if you can get any more information by going to:

Try deleting the printer from the prefs window and re-install it.
http://localhost:631/printers/ shows the following:
¿ Queue Name ¿	Description	Location	Make and Model	Status
Brother_MFC_7440N	Brother MFC-7440N	AN’s MacBook	Brother MFC-7440N CUPS	Processing - "Printer is offline."
Dell_Photo_Printer_720	Dell Photo Printer 720	AN’s MacBook	Z2400 Series	Idle
hp_photosmart_7350	hp photosmart 7350	AN's MacBook	HP PhotoSmart 7350 - Gutenprint v5.2.3	Idle - "Finished page 1..."

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Is your Photosmart mac print (PS) capable?
Does it understand Postscript? I don't know. I don't have the manuals anymore, but I'll try to look that up on the HP web site.
Hi Moderator. Would actually still like to resolve this question. Can you please send out a request for other Experts to review & comment. Thanks!
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Yes, I have the latest HP drivers installed.
This problem was never resolved. Will try reposting question in the near future. Thanks.