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Unable to scan using Acrobat 9 and HP All-In-One

I've spent many hours working on this issue for my parents and I'm out of ideas at this point.  On their home PC they are running Windows Vista.  They just purchased an OfficeJet 6500 Wireless All-In-One.  Even though it has wireless capabilities, I have the All-In-One plugged directly into the router.

I found the update on HP's site that allows you to scan using the Control Panel on the printer itself, however, my mom is wanting the capability to scan using her Acrobat 9 Pro.  When you use Acrobat to Create PDF - From Scanner - Black and White it immediately tries to open the HP Scanning software, then I get an error message that says tells you to try rebooting the PC, turn the printer off and on  and try reinstalling the Photosmart software.  That is followed by an error that says Acrobat could not communicate to this device.

I've done many searches and it seems as though this problem has been an issue since 2008, but I have yet to find a solution.  I've tried removing all HP software and only reinstall the printer and scanning drivers, but that didn't work either.
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Craig Bowman

as long the driver installed you should be able to use windows scanning to get your scan job done.  

start/control panel/ scanners and cameras (assuming this is an xp box)

this is a work around for your issue, hope it works out for you

cbm92, it is Vista as per the Q ;o)


I take you have installed all the latest drivers and the latest software?
If not go here and download these, so we know you are up to date:

You should have given the HP an IP address and ideally set a fixed one, also give it a meaningful DNS name so you or your Mum can locate this easily.

Then follow the steps from the Vista kb:


Craig Bowman

then start/control panel/hardware and sound/scanners and cameras  

going here will be a work around for the hp all in one software (we have constant issues with it) and give you the ability to scan.

Your help has saved me hundreds of hours of internet surfing.

Aye, Capt., I have updated the drivers from the HP site.  We are able to scan using Windows Photo Gallery.  The problem is that Acrobat won't acknowledge the scanner even though it's listed when you try to set the presets.  And I am selecting the TWAIN drivers, but no matter what, we get this same error message.

She's wanting to use Acrobat specifically to scan the PDF's so that she can edit them after they have been scanned in.  I had considered a workaround of using the control panel on the printer to scan the documents as PDF's and then opening them in Acrobat to edit them, but I haven't tested that yet to see if that will do what she needs.  I'm really looking to see if anyone knows how to fix the issue between Acrobat and the HP Scanning software.

They used to have a Lexmark that did this just fine until they moved to Vista from XP.  From what I could tell, though, the Lexmark was incompatible with Vista, so they got the OfficeJet, but now the OfficeJet won't work with Acrobat.  I can't tell if this is an issue with Acrobat, Vista, or HP.
Craig Bowman

We have had issues with the hp software on site here so many times with a trail of tickets miles long.  The only way that we have been able to fix a once corrupt hp all in one software package is to install that software first thing after a fresh reimage.  The information I gave you regarding windows scanning was just to get you by because I can understand your frustration in dealing with the all in one software and mini software interface not working correctly.

I hope that fix gets you by until you can find a way to fix that software.  If it wouldnt be a big deal to reimage I would knock that out and avoid more hours of messing with their lovely fluffed software package.  if you choose to reimage that box, I would install the printer software with the most up to date version from hps site instead of the cd it comes with (runs faster too... I have seen that cd take over an hour on a "basic" install)

Hope this works out for you!

As you can scan with WPG it is an Acrobat issue not an OS issue.

I wonder if this is related to permissions. Is your mum local admin or has she got full access to the Adobe folders?

Look at security for:
Program Files\Adobe\
Program Files\Common Files\Adobe\
Program Files\Internet Explorer\PLUGINS\
Users folder or Documents and Settings\[User Name]\Application Data\Adobe\
Users folder or Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Adobe\

I have looked into this probably in the same forums that you have and there are some reports but alas no solution.

I would probably update Acrobat as well. Latest is 9.3.1 (so you can see they ironed out a lot of issues): http://www.adobe.com/support/downloads/product.jsp?product=1&platform=Windows

Depending on the version you have now it make be multiple downloads.

If Photosmart and the printer/scanner is installed then you should be able to scan with either TWAIN or WIA without any issues.

Just a thought...

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She is already listed as an administrator but I went ahead and added her specifically to those folders, but I did run into two problems:

An error occurred while applying security information to
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe Acrobat 9.0\Resource\CMap
C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Acrobat\ActiveX
Access is denied.

She didn't have a PLUGINS folder.

I wasn't able to find an update option in Acrobat itself so I went to site and downloaded each of the updates individually.  Such a pain and very time-consuming b/c you can't install one without installing the one prior to that.  I'll report back to let you know how that went.

Updating Acrobat didn't work.  Any other ideas?

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It is a workaround that makes me think that it could have been a networking rather than a driver or app issue.

Firewall in Windows or IP port not working properly with the scanner. Difficult to fix remotely. Glad you found a working solution even is it is not as elegant as you wanted.

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