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SharePoint slow to load docs and spreadsheets in Internet Explorer 8 on Windows 7

I have a WSS 3.0 site that is working great.  But, today I am having trouble opening Word docs and Excel spreadsheets from the shared documents folders in any of the sites within.  The files will load but it is taking over 30 seconds for them to do so.  Trying to open in Windows Explorer view takes just as long and then another 30 seconds or so to actually load the document once I click on it.  The weird thing is that I do not have an issue if I:
   1. Use Google's Chrome browser or
   2. Use Firefox

I have tried launching IE 8 without add-ons and that seems to have improved the loading times to about 10 seconds, but that is still nowhere near as fast as the almost instantaneous opening I experienced prior to today with IE and currently with a non-IE browser.  I also tried deleting the IE cache, cookies, and history, but it made no difference.  Finally, other people at the organization using IE are not experiencing any kind of slowness.

Most of my comptuers are Windows XP Pro machines with IE 7 or 8.  But, my computer is running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit and IE 8.  Again, I had no problems on my machine until today.  I've not applied any Windows updates or even installed any software.  I've not made any configuration changes to my computer, either.

What could be going on?
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Make sure it is in Intranet Zone in your IE settings.

Check your Backend DB performance. Because SharePoint performance depends on the Backend only.
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