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Synchronize "My Documents" with users home directory in Windows 7- NOT UPDATING remote copy

With new users on our network, we manually change their "my documents" path to their home drive so if a hard drive failure were to occur- they'd be covered.

Since we've deployed Windows 7 Pro, we've kept doing things the same but for whatever reason it seems that the local copy and the remote copy are not synchronizing because they're not current.  The local one is current and the remote is almost a month behind..

I imagine it's something relatively simple but i can't seem to pin point it.  Any help is sure appreciated.  Thx, Clint-CTO
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David Johnson, CD
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what are you usihg to sync the folders?
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just changing the path of the "my documents"  in older versions (XP) when you did that it would automatically sync a local copy and a remote copy.  

On 7 it just seems to keep a local copy and not sync at all.  Even though the path is their home drive, if I browse to it as a domain admin nothing is updated..  

It's pretty weird.
We don't use a specific synchronization folder but simply change their My Documents path to their home drive.  
Hello coloradoeastbankandtrust,
This same question was just asked for Vista. The solution is the same  for Windows 7.
You are really not syncronizing but rather re-directing the "My Documents" folder. I hope this helps.
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