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Still prompted for login info under a deleted profile outlook

Hello I had an outlook profile that accessed an exchange server I do not use anymore.  The service is  I deleted the profile and setup a new profile under a different exchange server.  The new profile which accesses the different exchange server works perfectly, but when I am in under this new profile, I get a login prompt for the old deleted profile.

How can I remove this?
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If you are sure you have removed all references to the old server in you may want to try the cleanprofiles switch.
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try opening outlook using start > run > outlook /cleanprofiles and if it does not correct the issue, delete the entries under this in registry.

open registry by clicking start > run > regedit.
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Windows Messaging Subsystem\Profiles\{user id}
When you say profiles, do you mean Mail profiles access from the Mail applet in the Control Panel?
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as shown in above link move on to that option and completely remove that profile. Hope it won't bother you again. Also uncheck the prompt me for profile option.
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I tried all of your ideas and none of them worked.  The old profile is no longer in the registry and is no longer int he control panel in the mail applet
I'd suggest that you create another local windows profile.  you'll need to restart, login with an account that has local admin rights, rename your local profile then login as your account.  You'll still have access to Desktop shortcuts, my documents, favorites, etc.  Does that sound like a plausible idea?
digitap I cant do as you suggest because my customer has completely customized this windows profile and has local apps installed as well.
Also, go into the Control Panel and launch the User Accounts applet.  Click the Advanced tab and then the Managed Accounts Passwords button.  I'd clear any entries here.  Then see if the issue persists.  If it does, then I'm out of ideas other than re-creating your local windows profile.
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i knew there had to be more to this than a faulty windows or email profile....when the a record is deleted, let us know if the issue goes away...