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Multiple networks - Wired and wi-fi - choose preferred internet connection

I connect to my wired LAN (domain) which has an internet connetion; as well as to a wi-fi hi speed internet connection. Can I define my preferred way of accessing the internet? Also, can I switch back and forth between the two for internet connectivity? My laptop's OS is Windows Vista Business and my domain server runs SBS 2008 R2
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Do they have different gateways ?

why do want to do this why not one connection ?
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Yes they have different gateways with separate IP addresses. I need to connect to my wired LAN since I have to connect to my domain server. However, the internet connection is slow on the LAN and I have a separate, dedicated internet connection for myself which is through the wi-fi network. Currently, when I connect to both, I automatically connect to the internet thru my wi-fi router and do not hav eaccess to the internet on my LAN until I dosconnect from the wi-fi.
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do you have permission to set static IP on wired connection?

you could try to do the following in command.

let's say you LAN connection is at and wireless is at, then try to do the following routes in command:

route add MASK -p (sends all traffic to to gateway
route add MASK -p (Sends all traffic to all other addresses to

But this depends on what routes the networks already have. (route print)
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Try removing the default gateway on the wired lan.