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software raid broken on server 2003

I have windows 2003 server running software raid 1 (mirror)
2 x 80GB Sata drives
\i cant boot at all now because...

I tried to upgrade the drives to two 160 GB Sata drives.
Broke the mirror (Disk2)
Shut down put new disk in
rebooted, sofar so good, server started.
made mirror again adding disk2
it syncronsed ok
Next I broke the mirror again Disk1
shut down, put new 160 Gb Sata in
rebooted.....waited....flashing curser
replaced old drive back got  NTLDR is missing, press Ctrl+Alt+Del to restart.

I have tried putting original drives back but still cant boot to server. what am I doing wrong
I have just the weekend to get this running again.
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first, just for benefit of others, you NEVER 'upgrade' to larger disks by doing what you did.  lots of reasons why that will fail on software raid and why you can end up with partial unrecoverable data loss.

since you have little time, I suggest purchasing a commercial product.  (check out

you don't know, for example, if before you broke the original mirror, if the data was in sync. if it was not, then you could have used stale data as the source for the first clone ... then blown it away when you wrote over the live data on the next resync ... no way to know at this point.

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I looked at runtime but the problem with that is you have to have a running windows to use it. As both Sata drives hold windows I cant run it as it is an Exe file that installs.
It was syncing data when i told it to brake the mirror i think. But i thought it would not harm the main drive by braking it at that stage only the mrrored drive.
There is absolutely no way to even attempt a safe recovery unless you either
1. Use another computer that allows you to mount everything
2. Use a non-windows product that is LINUX-based that boots to a CD-ROM
3. Pay a pro $500+ to do this for you, and even then no guarantees.

Your problem is that there is no way to know the extent of the damage, and at this point, you can't be sure if there aren't multiple problems like hardware failure or corrupted blocks.   You absolutely must boot to an operating system that can run a program that can safely figure out if you have one or more problems such as
  * Do you have filesystem damage
  * Any unreadable blocks
  * Compare the raw block data on all 4 disks and analyze the differences,  is the partition information corrupted, or incorrect.
  * are the clones even any good?

Since you already tried to boot this, and probably tried to boot the other clone, then you have made somewhat a mess of it, so you are just going to have to use a computer to analyze it.  Your computer can only be used if you can boot to something like a LiveCD (LINUX) and find some linux-based software to do this, or a windows-based virtual machine...   Or use a different computer.

If you don't mind some corruption, you can try booting the Win2K3 CD and attempting a recovery using either RAID set, but if it fails for any reason, you have lost the opportunity to do it the right way.  

If data is worth thousands of dollars, call somebody like ontrack.  Otherwise, you just have to use another computer and most likely a scratch disk.   There are no shortcuts that won't risk further data loss unless you know exactly what is going on.
(Heck, you could even have some bad RAM that messed up the clones, all the better to use a different PC to analyze things)


You BROKE the mirror while it was syncing?!!

Using letters of A0 & A1 for the 2 original disks, with A0 being the primary boot drive, B0 & B1 are new disks, with B0 being the new disk that replaced A0, and B1 replacing A1, please be very specific and describe order of events. The broken mirror is vital

If you broke mirror when you had A0 + B1 while it was still syncing up, and then yanked A0 and put in B0 to do the clone, then disks B1 & B0 have bad data to begin with.
if A0 wasn't synced with A1 to begin with, then if there is just one error on A0 or A1, you have a 50% chance of propagating that to B0/B1, even IF the copy was perfect.  Not only that, but you lost the ability for A0 & A1 to reconcile their differences, because once you broke A0+A1 mirror.  

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Hmmm, the hole gets deeper..

Heres what I did.
A0 andA1 originally intact.
Replaced A1 with B1(new drive)
Rebooted, A0 and B1 sync complete. rebooted to double check.
Broke mirror in management removing Disk 0(A0)
(at this stage A0 and B1 were syncronising 7%, I thought as they had already synced I was OK)
Replace A0 with B0, restarted........Nothing, flashing curser.
shutdown put old A0 back, removing B0, rebooted,  NTLoader error press Ctl+ Alt+Del
shutdown, put A1 in took B1 out, flashing curser.
I ran recovery cosole. The mirror originally had 2 partitions, second partition is there with all data but not first partition C: drive.
Replaced A0 with B0, rebooted
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rebooted, still no joy
is it possible to put the Sata drive in anothe pc as just a sata drive and recover partition or the fact it was a raid partition blow that idea
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So far, I have managed to use a recovery program ontrack easy recovery to find all the files, OS files etc and save to new NTFS drive. What I want to do now is boot it back to win 2003 server, will it work
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