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My .exe icons are corrupted

I was using Internet Explorer to access when suddenly the browser shut down and  most of my .exe icons on my quick launch, Start Menu, and All Programs lists started showing the default Windows icon.  

Some of the icons, like for IE, when clicked bring up a "Open With" dialog.  If I click "ok" it tries to download an iexplore.exe instead of open the browser.

I clicked on Notepad from my Start Menu, same "Open With" dialog, and then after I selected NotePad from the list, it opened a text file of gibberish, not a blank text file.

Also, I tried to open MS Word from the All Programs menu and got the error dialog "Application not found".

Any ideas?

(P.S. I am new to EE, so I hope my points offer is sound).
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hi bethanyb,

go to regedit

you check this subkey.

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Hi Bethanyb,

 Don't have to worry about that , Use combofix to fix this problem :)


Does another USer account show properly?

If so, check this value in the registryu, and perhaps import one from another user account.....


Most notable the subkey of

Should be "exefile" with a zero length binary value

Youre might be blank....
Yeah, sounds kind of like a weird virus  to me. Did your browser just close or did it crash?
Disregard.... Wrong Tab....
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Okay, I finally have time to try some stuff now...will update thread as to progress as soon as done.

orangutang: I suppose I am not sure about close vs. crash.  There was no error message, just a close of the browser.
I downloaded the EXE File Association Fix from the link provided and it worked like a charm!  Great, too, because I could not get my regedit to open prior to running the fix.

You saved me, dstewartjr! Thank you, thank you! :)