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How to use a global variable outside the script tag

I have a code which uses javascript and ajax to get values from a php script. That works well. My problem is I need to read and display the value of a counter which is decared and incremented inside a <script> tag outside of the script. In other words, once I get to </script> I start using <div> tags to display data. I would like to be able to display the current counter number that is produced inside the javascript functions. The variable I need to use is "questionNo". This counter is incremented each time ajax sends a request form the php script. Now I need to be able to use this value on the same static page but outside of the script. I have attached the php script with the variables.

This must be a super easy thing to do for anyone understanding javascript poperly. I have tried decalring it as a global variable but can't seem to access it. Anyway, take a look at the code and please let me know how to get and display the counter so I can use it within a <div> tag for easy display.
$reset = $_GET['reset'];
if($reset == 1) include("reset.php");

<script type="text/javascript" src="miniajax.js"></script>
<link type="text/css" rel="stylesheet" href="style.css" />
<script language="javascript">
                var globalTimer,questionTimer;
                var questionNo=0,interval=<?php echo $_session['delay1']; ?>,counter=interval;
                var data;
                var digits = [
				    "digits/9.gif" ];
				var spacer = ["digits/spacer.gif"];
                function init()
                function checkCounter()
                        if (counter==0)
                            if (questionNo<10) 

	                        	document.getElementById('question').innerHTML='All Done !';
                                        clearInterval(questionTimer); // Stop the timer
                function startQuestionTimer()
                function pauseQuestionTimer()
                function resumeQuestionTimer()
                function skipToNext()
                function counting()
                function displayTime(secs)
	                 var ones = digits[secs%10];
	                 var tens = digits[(secs - (secs%10))/10];
	                 document.getElementById('iddate').innerHTML = "<img src='"+tens+"' /><img src='"+spacer+"' /><img src='"+ones+"' />";
				function getNewQuestion()
					ajax.get("getQuestion.php?q="+questionNo, showQuestion);
				function showQuestion(result) 
    <body onload="init()">
		<table background="digits/clock-back.gif" width=350 height=190>
							<TD align="center">
						<div id="iddate"></div>		
			<div id="q"><div id="question"></div></div>
        <div id="data"></div>
        <div id="buttons">
        <input type=button onclick="startQuestionTimer()" value="Start">
        <input type=button onclick="pauseQuestionTimer()" value="Pause">
        <input type=button onclick="resumeQuestionTimer()" value="Resume">
        <input type=button onclick="skipToNext()" value="SkipToNext"></div>
        <div id="reset"><input type=button onclick="parent.location='run1.php?reset=1'" value="Reset questions"></div>

<div id="subject">Cinema and TV</div>

<div id="qnum">
// This is where I need the questionNo value to appear ///////////


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