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Trouble with WHERE using OleDbCommand and DataTime

I have an Access database with a text column called CreationDate. The format of the field is '2/2/2010', for example. No leading zeroes for month or day fields.

This WHERE does not work. There are no exceptions, but valid data does not get retrieved.

WHERE Format(CreationDate, 'MM/dd/yyyy') >= '2/18/2010' AND Format(CreationDate, 'MM/dd/yyyy') <= '2/20/2010'

Any suggestions? There are no records returned by this query, even though I can see there are multiple. This problem may force me to dig deep and find a much bigger work around., which I really do not want to do.

Thanks for any help.
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try this

WHERE cdate(CreationDate) >= cdate('2/18/2010') AND cdate(CreationDate) <= cdate('2/20/2010')
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Thanks! It works great. I did not test the second alternative...