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Add a Blank Line oin JAVA output

Here is my current code for a currency conversion program. I would like to add a blank line between each of the output statements. How can I do that?



Chapter 3:      Bill's Burgers Sales Tax Calculator
Programmer:      Robert Ehinger
Date:            February 19, 2010
Purpose:       This projects calculates the sales tax on orders placed at Bill's Burger Front Counter.


import java.applet.*;
import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;

public class CurrencyConversionApplet extends Applet implements ActionListener

            //construct components
            Label welcomeLabel = new Label("Welcome to the Currency Conversion Calculator");
            Label costDollarsLabel = new Label("Please enter the number of dollars you want to convert: ");
                  TextField costDollarsField = new TextField (5);

            Button calcButton = new Button("Calculate");
            Label poundsLabel = new Label("Click the Calculate button to display the converted values.");
            Label eurosLabel = new Label();
            Label rublesLabel= new Label();
            //declare variables
      Image logo; //declare an image object

            public void init()
                  logo = getImage(getDocumentBase(), "logo.gif");
            public void actionPerformed(ActionEvent e)
double costDollars=Double.parseDouble(costDollarsField.getText());

//Declare variable

            double Dollars;
            double pounds;
            double euros;
            double rubles;

poundsLabel.setText("Your currency is equivalent to " + Math.round(Dollars*0.646329) + " pounds.");

eurosLabel.setText("Your currency is equivalent to " + Math.round(Dollars*0.735673) + " euros.");

rublesLabel.setText("Your currency is equivalent to " + Math.round(Dollars* 29.950) + " rubles.");

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Have you tried adding \n to your string statements?
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Where do I add that? I tried at the beginning and at the end and neither works.
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