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connect via GPRS to web service returns with error 501 (http error

I am developing on WM 6 native C++, i am sending requests to a web service using the WSDL component, when the Mobile device is connecting to a pc (using activeSync) all is good!
But when i unplug the mobile device from the pc and the connection is done via GPRS i receive an error 501. as i understand it means that the MNO refuse to transfer the request.

I saw that in C# there is WebProxy that if i use it solve the my problem (but my application is in c++).
Is there a way to disable Proxy and try to access web server directly from C++ native code?

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pls share a bit of your code ... so that we can learn more about the problem ...

since you're talking about web service .. have you tried with other non-WM client, say a simple browser instead ? just in case you got the same error .. that means it's about proxy or C++ ... it maybe due to the web server settings ...
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Unfortunately we cannot share the code due to obvious confidentiality reasons...

We did not encounter similar problems when accessing the same web service through other OS clients (Symbian) though we did not run full scale tests on these other OS yet. But this what led us to believe the problem is WM specific.
In the past we had a similar C# client with which we faced the same problem, this was solved when we set the Web Service proxy to an 'empty' WebProxy class.
Can you advise on how to do the same in C++?

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I cannot provide a solution but maybe some insight that will help you to look into what may be going ignored from your side...

I can connect my nokia phone using the modem drivers installed by nokia PC suite if I access it the following way--

Username / Password --- Blank
Dail phone number --- *99#
In modem properties, specifically enter the following under "Advanced" Tab  >> "Extra Initialisation Commands" >> at+cgdcont=1,"ip","bsnlnet","",0,0
where bsnlnet is the name of the Access Point to be used which has already been setup in the phone.

If I don't want to use this method, then I have to set this "access point name" as default under packet data connections and use the following combo--

Username / Password --- Blank
Dail phone number --- *99***1#

Maybe you need to look into this direction with your Code.


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