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Route port traffic through specific network adapter

The Situation:
I have a Windows 2008 Server with Exchange 2007.  I have enabled routing and remote access.  There are three network adapters, LOCAL, DSL, and CABLE.  The goal is to have all HTTP traffic go out the CABLE adapter, while outgoing and incoming traffic over port 25 go over the DSL.  I have successfully set up NAT for the CABLE adapter.  The default gateway is set up on the CABLE adapter.

I know my way around a server, but I'm not quite sure where to look.  I thought I could configure the Exchange Send Connector to only go through one adapter instead of the default gateway, but it only allows me to route it through a specific host.  I suppose I can configure a router to handle it, but I'd rather have everything go through the server.

I'm not sure what information you need to help me with this problem, so please ask questions.  
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Glen Knight
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It's not possible Windows/Exchange will always use the default gateway to get to a different network.

You should also be using a single network adapter on an exchange server.
What rules of Exchange 2k7 you have on that server.
for the Edge transport you can configure the send connector to use a specific network adapter.
for the hub role, you can configure also the network for the receive connector.

as for HTTP requests, you will need to configure a separate HTTP proxy. According the solution you decide to implement for http proxy, you will find a configuration parameter to use specific adapter or networking configuration.

For the proxy server, you might opt to use the Microsoft ISA server, which can also be used to configure which traffic goes where, and acting as a firewall and proxy, or you may want to use any available proxy server for the windows platform.

Of course, what I am saying here is theoretical, and I actually agree with the remark of the expert "demazter"
you better separate those tow rules if you want a stable, headache free  environment.
Where on the edge transport and hub transport can you specify a specific adapter?
My mistake, I mixed up the External DNS lookup configuration for both connectors where you get to choose the adapter's DNS configuration for external name resolution.

But, still I believe a viable solution can be achieved by using the ISA server. In ISA you can configure what traffic goes where.
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Glen Knight
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Sorry I should have clarified that ISA comment.

As far as I am aware OITBOUND traffic can only be routed via a single IP address I am not aware it can pick and choose.

Incoming is obviously different.


Thanks for all the help.  I was using my primary machine to do Exchange, RRAS, and File Sharing, while my secondary machine is for Application Serving and Terminal Services.  Basically the jist of what I'm reading is I have to move RRAS to the secondary and leave the primary with a default gateway for email traffic only.  This is feasible, although it would've been nice just to point the different services through different adapters.  I'm also going to research ISA server more and see if I can benefit from it's use as well.  I do believe that for someone with only one physical machine, this theory may still be useful.  I'm going to leave this thread open for a little while.  I'll post my new findings on here and we'll see if we can't come up with a workaround.
Comment ID: http:#26816242 is the correct answer.
There is no way to redirect traffic to different network cards depending on what port they are using.