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Display .mht in Windows Server 2003

I thought i would be smart and create new install disk of server 2003, threw in SP2 a heap of updates, drivers required for the hardware and ie 7 all slipstreamed together.
All went well, it is now in production, as a DC, terminal server and file and print server, being used by a minium of 40 people every day.
When people access our Sharepoint site it has been discovered that .mht files are not displaying at all on the page.
When i try and open them with word i get "you need to have Microsoft Outlook Express installed to work with Single File Web Pages. Outlook Express is an optinal component of Explorer 4.0 and later."
Because i slipstreamed ie7 into the bulid, i cannot remove it to install ie6, as that is what i am pointed to when i try to find any install programme for Outlook Express.
I have also tried to fix the problem by installing ie 8 to no avail.
I have also tried to install OE by right clicking the msoe50.inf and choosing install, i have provided the media specified, but the install fails to register 3 .dll files innetcomm.dll, oeimport.dll and msoe.dll.
If i try and register the .dll's manually it fails with "the specified module could not be found".

Please if anyone has any ideas on what i can do to fix this, it would be greatly appreciated.
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i dont know about 2003 server, but a very simple thing to do is install opera browser
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Thanks Hathehariken,
Yes, while that did work.
My manager and myself are not keen on the idea of going to Opera to solve one problem only to have other problems surface after the fact.
In the short time i have used it some things seem quite good in it, but i really notice that out of the box it isn't enterprise ready.
I require group policies to run on the browser and unfortunately Opera (from what i can find) doesn't support it.

So thanks, but any other ideas?
i think that installing IE8 should help solve this issue.

while opera, firefox, and a host of other browsers do exist, and they do provide more functionality for the casual user, and sometimes the pro user, enterprises and their requirements are often forgotten.

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but as of yet IE 8 hasn't helped.
I might wait until the weekend uninstall ie8 see if that will remove ie 7 too so i can retry the ie 6 install.
Unless others can help me out there.
The funny thing is when i install via right clicking the msoe50.inf file, i am now gettting the updates for outlook coming down for install.
btw Hathehariken are you a kiwi too?
these KBs may be of help:

there are 2 files called the msmhtml.dll and msmhtml2.dll
either or both of these reside in the system.
these 2 handles all the mhtml parsing for IE, you may want to check them.

---->"updates for outlook"
MS outlook or outlook express??

to the best of my knowledge, a kiwi is a fruit.
and also to the best of my knowledge, i have yet to come across a fruit with eyes, ears, limbs and all the bells and whistles. :)
methinks, you were asking about my nationality, right?
if thats the case, then i am an Indian.
a 26 year old retired IT pro, now doing non-profit rural development work and breeding pedigree hounds.
btw, from which nation or geographical are is a kiwi person from?

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Hi Hathehariken,
Went through those KB's all related back to IE6, so alot of the stuff was no longer relevant.
My system is showing the v8 of mshtml.dll (being on ie8) makes perfect sense.
Neither this server or another server (that does show .mht's correctly on ie 7) have the file mshtml2.dll.

OOps.. The updates were for outlook express

A kiwi is term used by a lot of New Zealanders, the link you provided to the ie 8 download pointed to what looks like the microsoft NZ site  windows/internet-explorer/default.aspx, so was just curious.
--->I might wait until the weekend uninstall ie8 see if that will remove ie 7 too so i can retry the ie 6 install.
lets see what happens
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