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print screen to pho to shop

I print screen  from ms word  then paste screen to photoshop  when i print the picture i see that the front not good like print direct from word how can i solve this problem  
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Try saving it as BMP through MSPAINT and then open it in photoshop.
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Hi teera,

if you resize the screenshot, there's not a lot you can do. Try taking the screenshot with the Word document at a higher or lower zoom setting, i.e. a zoom setting that matches your final requirements. Also, save the Photoshop image as a GIF, not a JPG. That will also give a much clearer picture.

After saving the image, try to manipulate is as little as possible in the target environment. Every resize will effectively distort it.

regards, teylyn
saving as a BMP in MSPAINT will do nothing to enhance the screenshot quality.
press alt+ print from keyboard and open photoshop and click Ctrl+V.
it'll show exactly what is there on word.
else copy it in MSPAINT and save it as BMP and open in Photoshop.
qwerty, is there anything you want to add that has not already been said before? The asker has stated that pasting a screenshot into photoshop is not giving the desired results, so your solution is to paste a screenshot into photoshop. Pardon?

And also, if you have not read what I wrote an hour before you posted: processing a screenshot via MSPAINT and BMP format will do nothing to help the issue. Nothing.
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can i print to image file I try to copy and paste in photo shop not good result but if i use software to convert to pdf when printing it is good result
teera, a pdf is not an image. Fonts in a PDF are stored much the same way as fonts in a Word document. They will be redrawn and adjusted when you change the zoom level of the PDF

But a screenshot is a fixed number of pixels. If you enlarge or reduce a screenshot size, the font will not be redrawn. If you zoom into a screenshot, you can see how the pixels get bigger and bigger the deeper you zoom.

If you zoom into a PDF, the font outline stays smooth and crisp.

Maybe you can let me know what you actually want to accomplish, so we can think about the best way to approach this.

regards, teylyn
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Hi :teylyn
I want to put Thai word to application when print it not sharp and clear like msword ( ineed to keep that word in a form of image to match the meaning)
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Ingeborg Hawighorst (Microsoft MVP / EE MVE)
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