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Convert "SUMPRODUCT" formula to "SUMIF"

Hi Experts,

Any possibilities to convert the listed formula into SUMIF?

=SUMPRODUCT(('Daily Tracking List'!$D$2:$D$41='Summary Report'!$A4)*('Daily Tracking List'!$F$2:$F$41='Summary Report'!B$2)*'Daily Tracking List'!$H$2:$H$41)*1440

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Not with the 2 criteria ranges. Why change it anyway?
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Hi webtubbs,

Intended to create a similar line chart as in “Channel Downtime (All)” but without having multiple tables. By having “SUMIF” we could select the “Yes” or “All” (Column-I) when selecting downtime for Channels. Hope this is possible. I am trying to avoid creating additional sheets when dealing archive data. If you have better idea to handle this please do share with me. I have attached my current workbook for your perusal.
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zorvek (Kevin Jones)
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Thanks a lot.