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Server stuck - CTRL-ALT-DEL not working and can't login remotely

Using SBS Server 2003.  The console screen is locked and CTRL ALT DEL does nothing, have tried all combinations of the CTRL ALT DEL sequence, plugged in a new USB keyboard but to no avail.  I can't remote in either from another PC "The client could not connect to the remote computer, remote connections may be disabled etc..."
Any ideas how I can get into this without shutting system down abnormally?
Thanks, Alex
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One can perform some operations on services (say, restart them) or view logs by launching "Computer management" (MMC). Right-click at "Computer Management" in the console and select "Connect to another computer..." in the context menu.
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in case you have ILO feature configured for the server, that option can be tried apart from remote shutdown/MMC connection for remote access.
I've seen this before, not with this OS.  If the CPU is too hot, it could freeze the system.  I have seen this too with a bad hard drive.  Recently, on a laptop, the screen was frozen and no access via network.  The laptop was under warranty, so a replacement motherboard was the resolution.

Long story short - sounds like a hardware problem.