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My Jpeg's display Red and Blue colours the wrong way around

I have an issue where one of our users is trying to display and then print jpeg pictures.  When he looks at a jpeg, either using windows pictures and fax viewer or when they are inserted into Word Documents, the blue and red colours and back to front.  What should display as Red displays as Blue, and vis versa.

When he then prints the document, the colours are still the wrong way around.  However, if someone else viewers the pictures on their computer it comes out fine

Any suggestions as to what is causing this?  I've tried reinstalling the display drivers, but with no effect

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It may be a problem with your drivers, despite your changing them.  You may have a conflict with other drivers in your computer, a conflict with hardware, and possibly compounded by monitor issues.  All should be checked out.
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Are you using Office 2007?  There is a problem with red/blue reversal using the new HTML color codes.  See Rob Cooper's comment about this problem on this Microsoft blog:
Because of this problem, when setting colors programmatically, I prefer to use the old Long color values, which don't have this problem.
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Thanks for the advice but it doesn't look like its the same issue, and we are not using office 2007, just 2003.
I've run hardware tests on the laptop and they all pass without any issues, Dell has looked at the laptop and say its a software issue.  Ive changed the display drivers to a beta version, and back again to the normal ones and that doesn't make any difference.
Its only Red and Blue that im having issues with.  Every other colour is working fine, and its only in jpeg pictures.
Any other ideas?

Is it ALL jpg photos, or only certain ones? Can you try another picture viewer (IrfanView is a great free one -

I also wonder, if the image is viewed in the file manager, are the colors still reversed?  That would mean it is not a microsoft office problem, but a system problem on that computer.

If it is purely a Microsoft Office problem, it is possible that filters were not all installed (scroll down on the following page to see where it says "Install a Non-Installed Graphics Filter"

Could be the monitor colours/ since uninstalling the video card made no difference.
What type of monitor? Use the the front buttons and see if you change the colour settings to default
Degauze the monitor?
Discolourization can occur from magnetic interference
In the rare case the monitor does not automatically degauss when you turn it off and on, locate the degauss button on the front of the monitor.
Often times the degauss option will be buried in the on-screen menu options.
Scroll through these options to locate the degauss option or consult the monitor's manual for more information.
Could be the colours used in the video card
Go into the display settings
r/click the desktop properties>advanced>video card colour
Sounds like a colour scheme problem.
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It is all jpg photos and i've tried several photo viewing applications, all have the same issue with the colours reveresed.
The colours are also reversed in file manager and i've tried installing the graphics filter, with no effect.
I've tried a second monitor, but that still has the same issue.  When you VNC to the computer the colours are still back to front for Red and Blue
I spoke to Dell again but as they have run through all their hardware tests and can't see a problem they are not willing to do much more - Software problem
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Also, when the user prints a picture, it comes out with the colours the wrong way around as well
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