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Low Power Server Mode


I have setup a xammp server (apache22, php52, ftp, mysql, etc) on my W7 x64 machine.

The machine is VERY high powered because I designed it for extensive video and audio processing.

Also, there is a piece of hardware: the MBOX 2 (audio), that likes to freeze the computer if the system goes to sleep. This is a known issue and one I work around by shutting the computer OFF when I leave it. W7 boots fast enough anyway. Furthermore, Pro Tools 8.3 (my audio suite) does not play well with power-saving states that Intel i7s have to offer (i.e. when the cpu changes state, Pro Tools may crash. Also a known bug). So I have that disabled.

However, adding a server on top makes me want to leave the system on. If I do, I'd be racking up electric bills of about $80 a month. Unacceptable.

Therefore, I'd like to find a way to selectively, from within Windows, enable and disable low power states, lower clock speeds, etc. Then I could simply write a script called "server mode" or something, and a script called "media mode" and switch that way. Or a way to selectively load BIOS would be pretty sweet. I could load a full-power BIOS or an underclocked, cpu power save on BIOS.

By specs:

CoolMaster Sileo 500 (W)
i7 920
nVidia GeForce 8600 GT

Windows 7 Ultimate x64 -- PTLE 8.0.1 -- Mbox 2
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a way to shut down your server if idle could be Auto Shutdown Manager at
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Gigabyte's utility works reasonably well. I'll stick with that for now. Thanks all.