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Parsing Configuration File

Please show an example of how I can parse this file into an array in PHP. The ideal output would be the equivalent of making this array (not all values are shown in the example):

array("unlocks" => array(
 "Sprint_Mki" => "1",
 "Sprout_Collect" => "1"
"experience" => array(
 "Lumbering" => "36"

NB: The configuration file will change to have more values in and the script must accommodate for these changes.
		"Sprint_Mki"		"1"
		"Sprout_Collect"		"1"
		"Grain_Planting"		"1"
		"Sprout_Planting"		"1"
		"Lumbering"		"36"
		"Planting"		"24"
		"Survival"		"0"
		"Mining"		"0"
		"Harvesting"		"24"
		"Weapon_Crafting"		"0"
	"date"		"Monday 02/22/10"
		"Lumbering"		"8"
		"Planting"		"6"
		"Survival"		"6"
		"Mining"		"8"
		"Harvesting"		"6"
		"Weapon_Crafting"		"2"
	"name"		"James"

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Are you sure you want an array?  It looks more like an object pattern to me.  Where does this file come from?
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