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SSAS/MDX Calculated Member - % of Total

Using SSAS 2005...

I'm trying to generate a calculated member that, regardless of slicing/etc, will generate a % of total value. Its probably easiest to explain by example:

Staffing Rate is defined as Headcount (by slice/etc) / Headcount (total). i.e. The numerator and denominator are the same measure, but the numerator will change depending on slicing while the denominator remains constant.

So if the total headcount at a given time is 50000, that should always be the denominator. And the numerator will be dependent on the slicing. If there are only 10000 in the slice, then it'd be 20%, etc.

The way I've done it thus far is to create a calculated member to be used as the denominator that looks like this:

[Dimension 1].[All Dimension 1s],
[Dimension 2].[All Dimension 2s],
..... etc

Essentially listing every all level so that the result is the same no matter the slice. Then the Staffing Rate calculated member is Headcount / Headcount Frzn (as defined above)

My question, then, is whether or not I can create that denominator in a cleaner/simpler manner. Anytime a new hierarchy is added I'll have to add it's All member to the list and that will get quite annoying.

Any help is much appreciated.

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